Arriving in those green hills

The Devils Bridge Gorge

The falls

Base of the Falls

Jacobs Ladder...on the decsent to the falls

Water cascades over a marooned log

and can get close up and wet.

Just outside Pontrhydfendigaid

and a hill of sheep

Its a long and winding....

all mod cons

full running water

and a sky- light to envy

with a view of the tree line

Another day Another  summers Walk...

the toady stool ,

the sunlight separates the pines

and yes...the Welsh have big ones.

The forest is dense and quite dark

theres not much room

yep...still too dark

and then it was too bright


The walkers gather

the good, the....& ..........

Stuart Dreams

If only he had a rod!

One man & his dog....Stu and Lucky

A view over Aber and away, down onto the coast

Long deserted strands

Clear blue skies

The occassional promenader

The architecture of yesteryear

and even more yester-year

Then came the paddlers

Silly Sods


The gang...Lucky,Sue, Stu, Saffy and Pip

the shape of things to come


Alf 'n his Frisby



Stu and the dogs

The Lazy Coast line

the Cliffs

with strange geology



Wierd and wonderful faults and caves

and even stranger inhabitants

The Woods and Pip shelter from the sun







Then its time for home


Its a scary place ...small and alone on the beach.







The Road Home



Calling in at Port Merion


all is surreal..

Even the Petrol Pump,

but the gardens hold no prisoners.




Then up into Snowdonia and away.


As the night weather blows in we leave for home

Pips Birthday visit to Wales 08/09/06.

Thanks to John and Suzy (ma-twe-twe) Woods who looked after us during the stay.

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