24 images selected from work done in 1973. I was fascinated with the abandoned wharf site on the south bank between Soutwark Bridge and London Bridge. The entire area was boarded up - closing off streets, buildings, machinery, and a mass of memorabilia. The walls chronicled the lives of folk who lived and worked in the area, graffiti, posters, signage all added words and colour to the story. The age and grit of the area became tangible in the textures - the wood of the wharf, the rubbish and debris along the river banks, the heavy grey dust that had just settled everywhere. But the real impact of the pace could not be photographed...here in the heart of London was a stillness, a silence.

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I recently re-found these negatives in an old folio of work and have transfered the images from the slightly damaged negatives to disk. If you are interested in copies of these images please dont try to lift them from the site, e mail me and we can discuss you requirement. Please remember copywrite and the small matter of my making a living. Thankyou.

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