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Acquiring a painting or print should not be daunting nor expensive. My images are available to you at a range of prices and in a number of ways.

Off the shelf: As in most commercial galleries - if its hanging on the wall and not marked sold...then its for sale, The prices indicated on my gallery pages are for the paintings without frames and relevant only to paintings bought through this web site. If any of the images are shown in galleries costs have to be adjusted to cover a range of exhibiting expenses.

If you are wanting the image framed then we need to discuss your likes and dislikes, budgets and what is suitable for the image and medium. This is usually a chat on the phone. From there on I can have the picture framed and delivered for you or you can choose to do this yourself later..

To commission a piece is simply to hire me to produce a painting or drawing specifically for you. You might decide you like my style or approach and to give loose guidlines as to what you would like and why, it could be as simple as you want something relevant to an area or a person and leave it to me to determine the visual content. Or, you could be more specific by say requesting a set landscape or portrait. Or, you might have seen an image on my gallery pages that you like and your brief to me could be ‘something like that one please’ . You might have specific reasons for commissioning a picture - such as a birthday gift,a housewarming rememberance or even as an image to be incorporated into a piece of print.... i.e. seasonal card, invitation, a menu, brochure etc.

Commissioned work can be done from you supplying photographs or me doing preparatory sketches or intitial studies on site and or taking pictures. We wil discuss the best route when we talk the project through. Quite often for say pet portraits a couple of snaps shots are sufficient.

No matter which of the above applies the answer is always the same - you have toget in touch, so - either drop me an e-mail leaving your contact detals and a hint as to your interest so that I can get back to you to chat it over , sort out prices and discuss how I can best achieve what you‘d like. Or you can text or speak to me on 0773 251 0424  and we can take things from there.Dont hesitate...I enjoy discussing new projects &  talking to new people

If you are commissioning a piece of work you will recieve a visual update via e-mail (or photo if you are not able to view e-mails) as the work progresses and you will approve the final piece prior to recieving the final painting & the bill.

All painitings will be delivered by arrangement depending on your location, size of the piece and value.

Finally, some images are available in print form. This is a situation currently under review. If you are interested in prints please contact me so that we can talk through what is available and what you would like.

Commissioning photography: Images can be purchased directly from the gallery pages as either one-off peices of art, in which case the copyrught and repro rights stay with me or they can be acquired for publishing, broadcasting or repro  purposes. The later is open to negotiation.

I am available for photo assignments, working  in BW and /orColour, small and medium film formats. All enquiries welcome... Advertising, PR, Corporate, Promotional, Architectural,Travel, Landscape, Interiors and Exterior. Reportage, Portraits,  etc...      Finshed images are available as hard copy/ prints, transparencies, in photoshop or similar format or CD.

I will from time to time be undertaking photo trips that could put me in a position to produce material relevant to you or your business. I will post details as they become available so that interested parties can declare themselves in advance

Creative Direction: I am available on a freelance basis to work with your team - overseeing and instigating concept development, creative content, production and application.Please contact me to discuss your next project.


Location Photography

Wildlife Painting & Photography

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A note for Galleries and Fine Art Publishers - I am always happy to hear of new interest in exhibiting or promoting  of my current wor or any future works. Please use the e links or telephone 0773 251 0424.